Pic story: couples with master degree build eco

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The couple, Li Zhongqi (R) and Ning Yunxia, weeds in a greenhouse at their own fruit and vegetable cooperative farm in Dongbang Township in Changshu, east China's Jiangsu Province, March 1, 2019. Li and Ning both graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University (NJAU) in 2016 with master degree. They chose to start a fruit and vegetable cooperative farm after graduation. At first they contracted 25 mu (about 1.7 hectares) of uncultivated land which was later transformed into dozens of greenhouses for organic vegetables and fruits. In the second year, they doubled their contracted land and became the supplier of the largest local supermarket. Their online sales had been also growing day by day. Applying the agricultural knowledge learnt from university into practice, Li and Ning had realized their dream of building a eco-friendly farm. (Xinhua/Li Yuze)